How To Apply Neem Oil To Soil – Steps by Steps Process

First, you have to extract the neem oil from the neem seeds. You can buy a volume of neem oil from the local or online market. I prefer to use organic neem oil in my garden. Follow the steps to Apply Neem Oil To Soil, eventually to have the best neem oil spray for your garden.

Step 1 Extract the neem oil:

If you are a beginner, you may find it hard to extract the organic neem oil from the seeds. First, you have to collect a bundle of neem seeds from the neem tree.

Next, wash them with cold water and prepare to extract the juice. If you have an extractor, use it. On the other hand, use stones to break the seeds.

Take the broken seed in your hand and squeeze harder. You will see the neem oil dropping down to the pot. Continue extracting the neem oil until you get the desired volume of the oil.   

Make sure the weather is cold. Excessive heat may harm the properties of the neem oil.

Step 2 Add A Mixture:

You cannot mix neem oil with water directly. Here, you have to use detergent powder or soap. Whatever you have at home, you can use them.

The volume of the detergent or soap will be more than the volume of the neem oil. If you are putting 5ml of neem oil on the pot, you have to add 8 to 10ml detergent soap into the pot.   

Add water into the pot. I have explained three different mixtures above in the article. Follow the measurement and add water according to my measurement.

Step 3 Mix The Ingredients:

Remember, the mixture should be cold. Otherwise, the entire operation will go in vain. Take a stick and move the mixture up and down.

It will become a fine liquid mixture. The density should be too deep lest you cannot spray them to the plant.  

Step 4 Pour into spray:

Once the solution is ready, pour it into the spray bottle or drum. Make sure the spray bottle or drum is clean enough.

Keep the drum in a cold place for a while. Wait for 10 minutes. Make a plan where to start. Start from the young plants.

Step 5 Spray the solution:

You have ready neem oil to spray on your plant. As you are in this step, you have learned the right volume of the neem oil per gallon of water.

Evening or morning is the right time to spray the neem oil. Try to target the cold weather for the spray. Spray the solution into the soil.

Bottom line: Neem oil is a beneficiary for farming plants. Before Apply Neem Oil To Soil, you must know how much neem oil per gallon of water. You should not make any mistake in measuring the ingredients.

You should look after the plant’s health. If the plants have any allergies to neem oil, you should not spray it over the plants.