How to Get an Aquarium from Tanked: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Dream Tank

Have you been dreaming of the perfect aquarium but don’t know where to begin? Look no further than the aquarium experts from Tanked! Getting an aquarium from Tanked is easier than you think, and with their help, you can have the ultimate aquatic oasis in your own home. Tanked is a popular reality TV show that features two aquarium builders, Wayde King and Brett Raymer, who create incredible, one-of-a-kind aquariums for their clients. From a car-shaped tank to a giant slot machine aquarium, Tanked has done it all.

And the best part? You too can have an amazing aquarium designed for your home. The first step to getting an aquarium from Tanked is to visit their website and fill out a form with your contact information and details about the type of aquarium you want. From there, Tanked will contact you and set up a consultation to discuss your vision for the tank and what they can do to make it a reality.

During the consultation, you’ll work with Wayde and Brett to come up with a design that fits your needs and budget. Once the design is finalized, the Tanked team will begin the construction process and install the aquarium in your home. They’ll also provide maintenance and care tips to help keep your new aquarium healthy and thriving.

In conclusion, if you want an amazing aquarium that’s sure to impress, look no further than Tanked. With their expertise and eye for design, you’ll have the aquarium of your dreams in no time. So what are you waiting for? Contact Tanked today and start planning your ultimate aquatic paradise.

Research and Plan

If you’re interested in getting an aquarium from the famous show “Tanked”, the first step is to do your research and plan accordingly. Determine what type of aquarium you want, the size you have available for it, and the budget you are willing to spend. It’s also important to research the types of fish and plants you want to include in your aquarium, and their specific needs.

Once you have a solid plan in place and have done your research, you can reach out to aquarium companies to get quotes and consult with professionals to ensure your dream tank is built to your specifications. Don’t forget to also consider ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs and factor those into your budget and planning. With the right research and planning, you can have a beautiful aquarium that’s customized to your liking, just like the ones on “Tanked.

Explore Tanked’s Website

If you’re a fan of the popular TV show “Tanked” and you want to explore more about the show, you should definitely check out their website. It’s a great place to start researching and planning your next aquarium project. The website is very user-friendly, with clear navigation and detailed information about the show, the cast, and their work.

You can browse through their gallery of amazing aquariums, read about the latest news and updates, and even book a consultation with the Tanked team. What’s more, you can also shop for a variety of aquarium products and accessories on their website, making it a one-stop-shop for all your aquatic needs. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned aquarium enthusiast, Tanked’s website is a treasure trove of information that can help you to plan and execute your dream aquarium project.

how to get an aquarium from tanked

Determine Your Budget

When it comes to determining your budget for a project, it’s important to take the time to research and plan accordingly. This means doing your due diligence and researching the costs associated with your project. You’ll want to look at everything from materials and labor costs to permits and licenses.

It’s also important to set aside a bit of extra cash for unexpected expenses that may arise during the project. One way to ensure you stay on track with your budget is to create a detailed budget plan that outlines all of your expenses and projected costs. This can help you stay mindful of where your money is going and make adjustments as needed.

By taking the time to research and plan your budget, you can ensure that you have the resources you need to complete your project successfully. So, before you dive into your project, take a step back and consider your budget. It will save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

Choose the Type of Aquarium

When deciding on the type of aquarium that best suits your needs, it’s important to do your research and carefully plan. There are several factors to consider, including the size of your space, the type of fish you want to keep, and your budget. A freshwater tank is a great option for beginners, as it is generally easier to maintain than a saltwater tank.

However, if you’re interested in keeping more exotic fish, a saltwater tank may be the way to go. Additionally, make sure you choose an aquarium that is the right size for your space and that you have all the necessary equipment, such as a filtration system and heater, to keep your fish healthy. By taking the time to properly research and plan, you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful and thriving aquarium that you can enjoy for years to come.

Contact Tanked

If you’re a fan of the popular TV show “Tanked”, then you know how incredible their aquarium creations can be. Getting an aquarium from Tanked may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple. The first step is to contact them through their website or social media accounts.

Once you’ve made contact, they’ll ask you a series of questions to gauge what you’re looking for in an aquarium. This includes the size, shape, and type of fish or other aquatic creatures you want to keep. From there, they’ll work with you to design the aquarium of your dreams.

Keep in mind that their creations are truly unique, so it’s best to have an open mind and trust their expertise. Once the design is complete, they’ll install it in your home or office and give you all the guidance you need to maintain it properly. So if you’re ready to bring a little piece of Tanked into your life, don’t hesitate to reach out and start the process of getting your own custom aquarium.

Get in Touch with Tanked

If you’re interested in getting in touch with the folks over at Tanked, your best bet is to visit their website and fill out their contact form. The form asks for some basic information like your name, email address, and a brief message about what you’re looking for. Once you hit submit, someone from the Tanked team will be in touch with you shortly to answer any questions you may have or provide you with more information about their services.

If you’re short on time and prefer a more direct approach, you can also give them a call at the number listed on their website. Either way, the friendly and knowledgeable Tanked team is always happy to hear from potential customers and help them get started on their next project. So why not get in touch today and see how they can help you?

Discuss Your Needs and Preferences

If you’re considering investing in a new aquarium or upgrading your current setup, it’s important to discuss your needs and preferences with experienced professionals in the field. That’s where Tanked comes in. Our team of experts can help guide you through the process of selecting the right size and type of aquarium for your space, choosing the appropriate filtration and lighting systems, and selecting the fish and other aquatic creatures that will thrive in your unique environment.

We understand that everyone has different tastes and preferences, which is why we take the time to listen carefully to your goals and concerns before developing a customized plan that meets your specific needs. Whether you’re a first-time aquarium owner or a seasoned hobbyist, we’re here to help you create a beautiful and healthy aquatic environment that you can enjoy for years to come. So why not contact Tanked today to discuss your ideas and get started on your aquatic adventure?

Schedule a Consultation

Looking to schedule a consultation with Tanked? You’re in luck! It’s a quick and easy process. First, head over to our website and fill out the contact form with your information and what you’re looking to discuss. From there, one of our friendly representatives will be in touch to schedule a time and date that works best for you.

Whether you’re looking to discuss a custom aquarium design, maintenance services, or have any questions about our products, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best advice and guidance. We pride ourselves on our personalized approach and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive the aquarium of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Contact Tanked today and let’s start making your aquatic vision a reality!

Installation and Maintenance

Getting an aquarium from Tanked is an exciting prospect for any fish enthusiast. However, installation and maintenance can be challenging, especially for those new to the hobby. First and foremost, ensure that the tank is placed on a sturdy surface, away from direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

Use a good quality filter and heater to maintain a healthy environment for your fish. It’s also important to clean the tank regularly and test the water quality periodically. When it comes to feeding your fish, provide only as much food as they can consume within a couple of minutes and avoid overfeeding.

Remember, a well-maintained aquarium can provide years of joy. So be patient and enjoy the journey.

Receive Design and Concept

When it comes to the installation and maintenance of your design and concept, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your project runs smoothly and lasts long. Firstly, it is important to find a team with experience in your specific design and concept needs, as they will be able to offer invaluable insight and knowledge throughout the installation process. Once your project is installed, regular maintenance is vital to ensure that it continues to look and function as intended.

This may include cleaning, replacing worn components, and addressing any potential issues before they become major problems. By working with a reliable and experienced team, you can ensure your design and concept project receives the attention it deserves, providing you with years of enjoyment and functionality.

Approve Design and Concept

When it comes to installing and maintaining your chosen design and concept, it’s important to have a reliable team of experts who can bring your vision to life. From selecting the proper materials, to ensuring that everything is up to code, a lot goes into making sure your installation goes smoothly and without a hitch. Once everything is in place, it’s equally important to make sure that ongoing maintenance is a top priority.

Keeping your design and concept looking fresh and vibrant will not only enhance its visual appeal, but it will also help ensure that it lasts for years to come. By choosing a team of professionals who are experienced in both installation and maintenance, you’ll not only get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in good hands, but you’ll also be able to enjoy your new installation without any worries or hassles. Let us help you bring your vision to life today!

Schedule Installation

Installing and maintaining appliances can be a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Scheduling your installation ahead of time ensures that everything goes smoothly on installation day. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect, and you can prepare your home beforehand to make the process as convenient as possible.

When scheduling your installation appointment, make sure to ask any questions you may have about the installation process so everything can be answered before the date and any day-of issues can be avoided. It’s also a good idea to plan for future maintenance, as regular maintenance can extend the life of your appliances and ensure that they continue to function properly over time. Remember, appliance installation is a crucial task that requires expertise, so be sure to enlist the help of a professional.

By taking these steps, you can transform your space and feel confident in the safety and longevity of your investment.

Maintain Your Aquarium

If you want to maintain a healthy and thriving aquarium, it’s crucial to perform regular installation and maintenance. Installing your aquarium properly is the key to ensuring the safety and well-being of your aquatic pets. Make sure to choose the right location and size for your aquarium, and use high-quality equipment such as filters, heaters, and pumps.

Once your aquarium is up and running, you’ll need to maintain it by performing regular water changes, cleaning the equipment, and monitoring the water quality. It’s also important to feed your fish a healthy and balanced diet, and to keep an eye out for any signs of illness or disease. With the right care and attention, your aquarium can be a beautiful and rewarding addition to your home.

So, why not dive in and start creating a crystal clear underwater world for your fish to thrive in!


Well, getting an aquarium from Tanked is no easy feat. You’ll need a lot of determination, the skills of a negotiator, and a pinch of luck. But fear not, my aquatic-loving friends, for with patience and persistence, you too can have a stunning Tanked aquarium to call your own.

Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize, your wallet open, and your fish happy. Who knows, with a bit of creativity, you might even end up on the next season of Tanked!”


What is the process of getting a custom aquarium from Tanked?
To get a custom aquarium from Tanked, you need to fill out a custom tank request form on their website. Once your request is reviewed, a representative from Tanked will contact you to discuss design options and pricing.

How much does it cost to get an aquarium from Tanked?
The cost of getting an aquarium from Tanked varies depending on the size, design, and complexity of the project. Custom aquariums from Tanked can start at around $1,500 and go up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Can Tanked build an aquarium for me even if I don’t live in the United States?
Yes, Tanked has built custom aquariums for clients all over the world. However, international shipping fees and customs clearance can add to the overall cost of the project.

What is the process of setting up and maintaining an aquarium from Tanked?
Tanked provides detailed instructions on how to set up and maintain their custom aquariums. They also offer ongoing support and maintenance services for an additional fee.

Can I choose the type of fish and other aquatic creatures in my Tanked aquarium?
Yes, Tanked can work with you to determine the best type of fish and other aquatic creatures to include in your custom aquarium based on your personal preferences and the compatibility of different species.

How long does it take to get a custom aquarium from Tanked?
The timeline for getting a custom aquarium from Tanked can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. On average, it can take between six and twelve weeks from the initial consultation to the final installation.

Can Tanked incorporate unique features like artificial coral reefs or built-in filtration systems into my custom aquarium?
Yes, Tanked specializes in creating unique and custom-designed aquariums that can incorporate a wide range of features, such as artificial coral reefs, built-in filtration systems, and hidden lighting effects.